Common Truths

Year after year consumer debt levels have risen in Canada...

this is leaving thousands of Canadians with diminished savings and broken retirement plans. Conversations around finances, if even had at all, tend to be ones of stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

This is a pattern that we’ve passed onto children generation after generation, creating a perpetual cycle of financial worry.

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our vision of Change Starts with the End in Mind

we see a world where...

Financial clarity

Individuals, couples and families have replaced stressful conversations about finances with ones of excitement, curiosity and clarity. A world where we each have the power to see our current and projected financials in one unified place and where we can plan for a future of security and abundance.

Great habits

Children learn how to budget, plan and track their finances from a young age.

They grow up learning habits that allow them to do all the things they love, while still protecting their future.

Communities are STRONGER, HAPPIER and HEALTHIER and where no one goes without

A world where financial plans, strategies and security are the norm, and easily attainable by everyone.

Power in Numbers

Canadian facts

  • Canadians Owe $1.71 for every dollar they earn.
  • More than 65% of families say they worry about their financial future
  • 81% of Canadian families are living paycheck to Paycheck
  • Over 71% of Canadian Families don’t even have a budget.
  • 72% Of Canadians say they are stressed out due to money.

With the successplan

  • Financial conversations are 83% more positive and productive.
  • Families who have a proper budget free up on average $300 to $500 monthly
  • Reduce stress by over 65% having more control of your financial life.
  • Families are 6 times more likely to reach goals
  • Over 90% feel more in control having their financial life organized

We believe that everyone deserves the chance to live a life of abundance and that The SuccessPlan can help you get there.

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